Fake news can be created by any person that may be unknown or an unknown person with any kind of base they have. A person leaking fake news will never be known to anybody even the name of the person. There are a lot of main reasons of spreading fake news to get an idea about it you can continue reading this article which will provide you with the best information that you need to know about fake news and the main reason for spreading it in a wide range.


The main important reason for creating fake news is to damage an upcoming person who has achieved something in their life. This kind of damage can be brought out to the world in an easy way and there will be some negative people to support this fake news also.

unwanted newsJealous

Some of the people will not like others to stand shining at that point of time there comes to jealousy. Having this in their mind they do not think about the future consequences that the person will face and they will let something not related to the person as fake news.

Personal problems

A fight between two people will also make a person create fake news about the other person if he or she has achieved something in their life. In life, you will face a lot of people and it is not that everybody will like you there will be some people who will dislike you and at that time having all these personal issues inside they will perform some unwanted activities like promoting fake news to make them show they are good to the world.


To create some harmful incident to a person fake news with the irrelevant concept will be updated and this particular unwanted news will get spread all over the world that is fake about the person. This directly or indirectly harms the person.


While you are inventing fake news you don’t need to add your name or any of your details you will be just like an unknown person. When fake news is being spotted out nobody will be able to find from which source it has been posted so that is the main benefit of the people creating fake news.

Final thoughts

These are some of the main reasons for people to spread fake news that isn’t true. people should be aware of all these things and they should have an idea about which one is real and which is not.