The population is getting increased day by day and there are billions of peoples existing. More than the death rate birth rate is getting increased rapidly. Moreover from the past 20 years, the population is getting increased very quickly. The population is getting mainly because of reproduction and due to this, the rate of the sound is also getting increased. The population of one country differs from the other but only with a few exceptions in a mild rate of birth rates and death rate. The main Key problems of increasing population are reproduction where people have started to reproduce in a wide range. As the birth rate has started to get increased at the same time the death rate is also getting increased you would have even known about premature death.

Declining fertility

There must be some limited lines for birth and this pattern has to be followed by the public. As the burden they treat keeps on changing the time scale and the rate will also start to get changed.



  • When you have a look at the table of birth and death rate you will be able to find the flowing chart where the line falls and the line increases. This will help you know about the exact rate of people living.
  • advantages of increasing population when the population gets increased you will be able to find a lot of inventions getting emerged day by day.
  • The increasing population will make you forget about the death rate.
  • You will feel like you are getting connected with many people around in any field you are in.


  • As there are many advantages in a particular field you will be able to find alternatively some disadvantages also. In that way, the Disadvantages of increasing population will cost you a lot of drawbacks that may be based on the climatic conditions, rate of population, nutrition to be manufactured, cost range of every product, and many more.
  • The main disadvantage of increasing population is you will not be able to find a place to exist and also the size of your family will get increased tremendously.
  • The situation will reach below the poverty level where people will not be able to find food for their hunger that they would have never faced before.

Final thoughts

These are some of the main problems of the increasing population that has to be controlled to have a peaceful life.